If you want to improve your leadership, you need to see your business from many different perspectives. We created The 7 Perspectives of Effective Leaders assessment to highlight both what you are doing well and what might be limiting your effectiveness - your blind spots. More than just a self-assessment, you’ll be able to see how your scores compare against other high-performing leaders in our database. This information will equip you to make better decisions and maximize your influence.

Your leadership effectiveness is determined by just two things: the decisions you make and the influence you have.

Great leaders are able to make exceptional decisions. They have an ability to process the right inputs with the right people to make informed decisions. But they also understand that they need to be a leader worth following. They are able to engage, stretch, develop, align and mobilize their people to build great cultures and achieve exceptional results.

The 7 Perspectives of a Leader framework challenges us to see things in a new way that will allow us to make better decisions and increase our influence so we can build better teams and get better results.

The 7 Perspectives Assessment will assess you on the
following leadership perspectives:

Current Reality
Strategic Bets
Your Role
Long-Term Vision
The Team
The Outsider
Our Customer